E2 for Industry is an insight centre providing relevant and timely information to industrial manufacturers on the critical issues affecting their energy efficiency.

As legislative pressure builds and cost pressure continues, industrials need more & more information and solutions to their energy challenges. This is also a time of great opportunity, so industrials are also welcoming discussion and exchange around the major changes in their business structures and what the future looks like. E2 for Industry aggregates timely articles, interviews and reports on industrial energy efficiency.

We understand that the key areas to drive these solutions & opportunities are within Finance, Data, Technology and Culture. In this case the sum is definitely greater than its parts, and an operation that combines excellence in all four of these areas will be achieve energy transformation and be an energy efficiency leader.

The E2 Team

Nadim Chaudhry, Founder & Contributor
E2 is a new initiative from Nadim Chaudhry, founder of Green Power Conferences (http://www.greenpowerconferences.com). Nadim recognised that a swathe of changes were taking place in the energy efficiency market and has launched E2 to disseminate knowledge, spread best practice and accelerate energy efficiency in industrial markets.
Nadim has produced and managed business-to-business events for over twenty years and has focused on the renewable energy sector for thirteen of those years. He’s passionate about creating quality events and business communities that enable fruitful business discussions and allow the industry to progress. Nadim’s aim is to engage the key players in each industry sector and increase their awareness, understanding and ability to improve their energy efficiency. Connect with Nadim on LinkedIn.

Lucy James, Editor
Lucy has over twelve years experience of business writing, has been commissioned to build web content for a number of businesses and is a black belt in WordPress. She understands the dynamics of creating engaging, useable content to build business relationships and she enjoys learning about and researching new industry areas. Connect with Lucy on LinkedIn.

David Appleyard, Contributor
With a 20-year career as a journalist, editor and photographer, David has specialised in the renewable energy markets. He has led titles such as Renewable Energy World, Power Economics and Hydro Review Worldwide and contributed to numerous articles for energy and technology-focused magazines, websites and blogs. David’s expertise and his approach to providing informative, decisive content are a perfect match for E2 and the E2 audience. Connect with David on LinkedIn.

We welcome your feedback and input; for all queries, including if you would like to submit content to E2 for Industry, please contact us on: info@e2industry.com